Feng Shui is the art of harmonizing indoor spaces to create peaceful energy flows. One place where it is beneficial to practice this art in apartment living is the bedroom. City-Base Vista at The River Walk in San Antonio is an ideal place to apply this art as units have one or two cozy bedrooms.

The Perfect Layout

Also known as the way of wind and water due to its harmonizing flow, feng shui includes five basic principles. These principles are:

  • Ensuring you make space through which energy can flow freely.
  • Treat the environment (the bedroom in this case), as one interconnecting unit with the world around it.
  • Develop a feng shui balance between yin and yang or male and female décor.
  • Identify the command position. This spot is where you will spend the most time and where energies will work best in your favor instead of against you. It is also the place where you will spend most of the time in the room.
  • Lastly, to create cozy bedrooms, you should learn about the five elements of peaceful apartment living. These elements are wood, earth, metal, water, and fire. Try to incorporate all these elements in your bedroom décor. Learn about the bagua map too. This information will ensure the placement of items in your bedroom that are personalized for your individual harmony.

Choosing The Right Colors and Furniture

One feng shui expert warns against the use of bright colors on walls. Although residents cannot make permanent changes to apartment living at City-Base Vista, this advice remains vital if you want to give your bedroom a feng shui makeover.

Besides the walls, good colors for your bedroom include purple if you want to attract wealth or green and blue for health. Other colors for your bedroom can include pink if you’re single and want a partner, black if you want to increase wisdom and many others.

Place your bed in the command position and avoid technology in the bedroom. Observe the other principles when harmonizing apartment living. When in doubt, research or use a feng shui layout app.

Feng Shui Apartment Living

Apartment living can be far more meaningful if you pay attention to harmonizing the rooms. One way to achieve greater harmony is by using feng shui to balance colors in your bedroom. Try the links above to maximize your bedroom layouts and attract more luck into your life.