City-Base Vista is a rental apartment community in San Antonio, Texas. It is a gated community with open-concept one and two-bedroom apartments. You will enjoy custom cabinetry, designer color accent walls, and other features in your apartment. The views from your home’s large balcony of the sweeping landscapes will take your breath away. Amenities present include a swimming pool, pet parks, and playgrounds. The Arneson River Theatre and the San Antonio Zoo & Aquarium are examples of nearby entertainment spots. You will have a better time this summer if you arrange your apartment for mod aesthetics. Try the following apartment living tips:

Making Your Home Come Alive

Try the following spring decorations:

Seasonal Colors

One of the best ways to decorate your apartment for summer vibes is to change its color. Try adding seasonal colors to your home that will make it come alive.

Bright colors are the best options because they will reflect the bright sunlight and make your home brighter. Consider white, cream, yellow, and light blue.

Though you may be unable to repaint your home, there is still much you can do to add seasonal colors to your space.

Indoor Plant and Décor Feng Shui

Consider the following indoor plant:

Lucky Bamboo

The lucky bamboo is a very intriguing plant and a fantastic choice for décor feng shui. The lucky bamboo plant represents adaptability and growth.

As it pertains to your home’s feng shui, the lucky bamboo stalks have a meaning. For example, if your lucky bamboo has two stalks, it means it will create an atmosphere of love, whereas three stalks are for happiness.

Indoor Plants and Spring Decorations For Feng Shui

The lucky bamboo is an amazing indoor plant that will alter your home’s feng shui. Consider decorating your home with seasonal colors. Both will change the appearance and feel of your apartment.