City-Base Vista apartments in San Antonio, Texas, are in a beautiful gated community. They feature open-concept one and two-bedroom homes. These apartments have a breathtaking view of the surrounding hill country from the balcony. They also have wooden floors, color accent walls, and fully equipped kitchens. The community amenities on the property include three bark parks, two swimming pools, and kids’ playgrounds. The location of the apartments is very convenient and next to the stunning San Antonio Riverwalk. The convenience will help when the kids are going back to school where they will need these must-haves:

Ready For School With The Essentials

Consider the following end-of-summer essentials for school:


As much as we have progressed technologically, books are still essential for school. Therefore, you should find books for your kids to take to school before summer ends.

Start with notebooks, which the school will likely specify the type they need. If not, ask your children which books they need, from ruled to lined books.

There will also be textbooks for the subjects they will be studying in the new school year.

New Routine

Consider the following apartment living tip:


As the summer fun ends, it is crucial to establish a new routine to get your kids back into school mode. The key to establishing a new back-to-school routine is consistency.

Therefore, you should create a new routine based on their school hours and extracurricular activities but have them start it about a week before school starts. It should include a morning and night routine.

If you are consistent with the routine, the kids should be used to it by the time school starts.

Back To School Essentials

Books are a must-have for children going back to school so get them as early as possible. Consistency is the key to establishing a new back-to-school routine. Having both will make going back to school easy for the kids.