Though February is often associated with loved-up couples enjoying romantic dates together, it doesn’t always have to be that way! So invite your closest friends for a night in at your City-Base Vista Apartment. From game nights to themed get-togethers to movie-friend nights, there are a plethora of things that you and your besties can do that don’t involve heart-shaped candies and roses.

Singles Game Nights

If you’re looking to stay in but also have a blast, look no further than a game night with your best pals! Grab your favorite drinks and a hilarious game like Cards Against Humanity or Over the Line. These are full of adult humor and are sure to keep you laughing all night long.

Themes for Throwing a Friends Celebration

If you’re not into games or are just looking to add some variety to the evening, try throwing a themed party! Pick a popular show that everyone has watched and have all your friends dress up and bring props. Throw on your favorite 90’s attire and grab your oversized “Central Perk” coffee mug for a “Friends” themed evening, or gather the party planning committee and dress in your best business casual for an “Office” theme. Whatever you choose, be sure to have your guests bring plenty of themed food and drinks, and you’re sure to have the best Galintines month ever!

A Month to Remember

Now that you have some ideas for throwing a great party, it’s time to start planning! First, notify all of your closest friends and give them the down-low on the evening. This month can sometimes be lonely, but with a bit of planning and a lot of fun, it can be one of the most fun days of the year!