Celebrating Valentines Day In Your Apartment

Celebrating Valentine’s Day in your apartment can be chic and romantic. Think about setting up the right decorations for the right look and feel.

Kitchen Decorations

Using heart-shaped mugs or plates can be a cute way to celebrate Valentine’s Day. You can serve half-cut strawberries and strawberry yogurt!

Think about other romantic foods you can eat. Chocolates, fruits, and macaroons are some great ideas to try!

Valentine’s Keychain

A handy DIY conversation heart will add whimsy to your apartment key set. Paint a premade leather keychain with fabric paint. Write something flirty or cheeky with

Living Room Decorations

Romantic lighting and decorations can make any space Valentine’s Day ready. Try hanging soft, sheer tapestries or window coverings for a sensual look. The right combination of white, red, and pink fabrics for upholstery or living room decor can turn your living room into a love den.

Find romantic paintings and artwork. Display it in your living room for a more cozy look and feel.

Make Valentine’s Day Pendants

Making a Valentine’s Day pendant for your bedroom or living room can give you a more customized appearance for your room. Write romantic song lyrics or quotes for some words of inspiration in your space.

Bathroom Decorations

Upgrade your beauty regime with the right floral protocol. Use rose and lavender scents for a more romantic setting. Try luxurious body oils or hair masks. Hang up fluffy, pink towels or lavender-colored towels for a Valentine’s-themed color palette.

Are you looking to improve your home’s decor for Valentine’s Day? This list of decoration ideas can help you elevate your space for a romantic look and feel. City-Base Vista is happy to be your headquarters for Valentine’s Day this year! Be sure to keep checking our blog for more ideas.