City-Base Vista Apartments is a gated community in the heart of San Antonio, Texas. Their open-concept one and two-bedroom apartments offer apartment living like nowhere else in Texas. The apartments have three dog parks for pets. You will get outstanding amenities, including beautiful wooden floors and white wooden cabinets that brighten your room. You can make your apartment brighter by adding dresser alternatives. These apartment must-haves are functional and improve the interior decor. Consider the following dresser alternatives for apartment therapy:

Before You Start: Must-Have Items

Before you start organizing your bedroom, get these must-have items:

Garment Racks

Most apartments contain wardrobes, but if you are running low on wardrobe space, garment racks are fantastic dresser alternatives. They ensure your clothes stay wrinkle-free, and if you have a rack on wheels, you can move it around the room to suit the decor. Ikea hacks can help you put the garment racks together.


Trunks are not only timeless but also classy; they’re dresser alternatives that provide extra storage space and add a sophisticated element to the interior decor. You can use the trunk for bulky clothes you rarely wear, like hunting gear or costumes.

Choosing the Perfect Spot: Tips from the Pros

Use the following tip to choose the perfect spot for the dresser alternative:

Vertical Vs. Horizontal

Before buying a dresser alternative, pros recommend evaluating your space and determining the best place to put it. That way, you can choose a vertical or horizontal dresser alternative that will be perfect for the space. DIY hacks can help you make the trunk or garment rack use the space more efficiently.

Dresser Alternatives For Your Room

Garment racks save space and can be mobile, and trunks are classy and timeless. Pros recommend you evaluate your room to decide whether a vertical or horizontal alternative is most suitable for the space.