Making their way into the modern apartment living options are blind alternatives that bring a splash of colors to brighten your room. At your City-Base Vista, there are now options such as roller shades, sliding panels, and solar shades. Below are a few ideas for transitioning from getting headaches trying to find new possibilities for your window to experiencing apartment therapy from blind alternatives.

Before You Start: Must-Have Items

From curtain panels to roller shades, there are a few options for your window. However, you need a few items to get started. First, you need curtain sheers when you need more light in your room. You can make a few yourself using DIY hacks. Secondly, you will need window pane cleaners. Since you will show off your different blind alternatives, your window should stay spotless.

Choosing the Perfect Window Covering

The perfect window covering has to let in enough light and shine colors into your space. If your room is facing east, you may need more coverage in the morning to block the direct sunshine without casting the room into darkness. Solar shades would be the perfect option.

Sliding panels give your apartment an elegant look that reeks of class and is easy to open and close. You can combine roller shades and curtain panels to achieve a more finished look. Roller shades also give you more color options that help brighten your room.

Choosing Blind Alternatives for Your City-Base Vista Apartment

Given the different choices you have for your City-Base Vista windows, you have to consider your apartment theme. You can match the dresser alternatives to the apartment furniture. Once you have everything set, you can use Ikea hacks to make decorations and sheers for your blind options.