Thanksgiving is a holiday that sets the best vibe for the rest of the festive season; sharing a big meal with family and friends is all you need to feel like the holidays are here. However, cooking proper meals and making guests comfortable is essential for making them feel warm and welcome at your City-Base Vista apartment. To help get you started, we’ve put together a few cooking tips and tricks below.

What’s on the Menu

Everyone knows that turkey is a must-have meal on Thanksgiving, but that doesn’t mean you have to serve the same traditional, bland turkey every year. Add a little life to your table this fall by planning a menu that’s fresh and exotic. Preparing Thanksgiving meals in small kitchens has become more common, so selecting a convenient menu is essential.

Try one of these delicious ideas this year:

  • Crispy brussels sprouts salad with citrus-maple vinaigrette, cast-iron Hasselback potatoes, skillet cornbread with honey butter
  • Grilled citrus-and-spice turkey
  • Salted caramel-apple slab pie, ginger pumpkin pie, brioche bread pudding with bourbon-butterscotch sauce

Rearrange Your Apartment to Maximize Space

Use decorations that add to the Thanksgiving feel by mixing in warm colors that make your guests feel warm and welcomed during their stay. You can use fall-themed decorations that match your menu plan. If you’re doing a citrus-style turkey, sprinkling orange or lemon peels throughout your decor can give some life to your apartment.

What to Do with Leftovers

Turkey is one of the best foods you can eat cold. You can shred it up the day after and use it to make a whole host of new creations, like turkey sandwiches or even a turkey pie to share with the family.


Thanksgiving is one of the best holidays that many people look forward to having delicious Thanksgiving meals. With these recipes and apartment decor ideas, your Thanksgiving this year is set to be a success.