This summer has been hot, especially here in San Antonio, TX. And one of our favorite treats, when it’s super hot out, is some delicious ice cream. 

So, when hosting an end-of-summer get-together for friends, complete it with cocktails, tacos, and plenty of refreshing sweets. No matter what you’re celebrating this summer, enjoy it to the fullest. Here are some ways to make the most of the last bits of the season.

Creating a Cool Atmosphere

To create a cool, casual vibe, skip the typical table and bring the indoors out. Grab rugs and pillows from inside the house and bring them outdoors to create a comfy, cozy seating area for guests to gather. If you have any floor poufs inside, be sure to grab those too. They make great seats for guests to sit around a low table.


Next up is the menu! We’ve kept the menu super light with a salad and fresh tacos so that your guests could have some fun with decadent ice cream desserts and ice cold treats at the end. It’s all about balance!

So what should be on the dessert menu? We’ve put three ice cream recipes: donut sundaes, homemade matcha cones for scoops of ice cream, and peaches and cream soda floats. Then to finish things out, you can make simple summer affogatos using cold brew coffee instead of hot coffee and a large scoop of vanilla ice cream. It’s a tasty way to end the night!

Make sure to enjoy summer before it’s gone. Utilize our tips to the fullest, and don’t forget the best part of finishing the season is basking in those late summer nights with great company.