Getting trendy home décor is a year-round feat. The interior of your City-Base Vista speaks for you as the holidays come and go. However, no matter the time of year, your décor should always keep up with seasonal decorations. Bring some festivity into your apartment with tips for effortlessly transitioning from Halloween into Thanksgiving, DIY style!



Affordability is a huge factor that contributes to the surge in the DIY trend. Over the last year, much of the world’s finances were gravely affected, so finding inexpensive and creative ways to do things became the norm. Why pay for something at its’ original market value when you can do it yourself? That is the idea with our interior décor for the Fall season. Finding your DIY skill level is just the beginning of an exciting journey, from holiday wreaths to scented centerpieces.



Halloween is the time of year for fun and creativity. Bring the season’s festive vibe into your apartment by starting your DIY projects with your front door. The use of wreaths is not only common in Fall but can be used during Winter as well. Head to your local hardware or arts and crafts store and grab some faux leaves and other fall-colored flowers to add to your wreath. Protip: San Antonio provides an abundance of natural foliage, head out to Pickwell Park and grab fallen leaves to decorate your wreaths, garlands, and table centerpieces.

You can also use flowers inside mason jars with some Fall scented potpourri to decorate the bathroom, kitchen, and bedroom. You can also create an ominous theme by placing fake webs and bugs on or in them for a unique Halloween decoration.

Make these mason jars elegant for Thanksgiving by placing fall palette flowers inside a place setting or table centerpiece. Another fantastic fall décor idea is rustic trinkets and items spread around your apartment. Depending on how you pair them, rustic items can fit perfectly with the chilling, spooky season and transition well for an artistic Thanksgiving decor.


Create Unique Decor For Fall 2021

Make this fall season one for the books, and get creative with your DIY skillset! Don’t forget to have fun in your City-Base Vista San Antonio Apartment by taking advantage of the excellent, luxurious community amenities. Discover the rooftop restaurant and bar, which provides a convenient night in and offers skyline vibes.