It’s that first crisp feeling in the morning air that brings on the thrill of creating DIY fall projects. From spooky Halloween decorations to Thanksgiving centerpieces, decorating your City-Base Vista apartment for fall adds a warm, welcoming feeling for guests and yourself. Even if you’re unsure about DIY fall crafts, choosing simple fall projects is a great way to embrace the fall season.

Projects for Apartment Living

Autumn-themed décor is a great way to create a cozy feeling. Fall apartment living is about transitioning from summer to welcome the autumn holidays. Adding a simple DIY fall project safe for apartment living is a perfect introduction for the season. Projects that call for supplies easily found in your local home goods store without needing power tools make the best and safest DIY fall crafts.

DIY Fall Items to Add to Your Home

A trendy look for interior design includes simple colors and lines. Here is an easy-to-make yarn pumpkin set. Find two skeins of orange yarn that come in a round shape. Glue a small pinecone on the top of the skein where the middle indent is. If you don’t want to use glue, you can choose a larger pinecone. Then, strip all of it except for the top inch and a half. Place the bare part down into the middle indent of the skein. When done, add some drops of essential oils on the yarn and pinecone, such as cinnamon, ginger, and nutmeg. 

Spice Up Your Decor for Fall Apartment Living At City-Base Vista

Living in a City-Base Vista apartment gives you the choice of several floorplans and includes amenities such as our courtyard, BBQ and picnic area, as well as three dog parks. Invite friends over to create yarn pumpkins in the beautifully designed one or two layout apartments. Or pick up a real pumpkin at Murphy’s Christmas Tree Lot & Pumpkin Patch, which offers entertainment and pumpkins in all shapes and sizes.