Celebrating black history is all about acknowledging the struggles of the black community. February is about appreciating the rich black history and black excellence that exudes from our past. You can easily celebrate the month in your City-Base Vista Apartment by supporting black-owned businesses and so much more. 

Supporting Black-Owned businesses

San Antonio is home to hundreds of local black-owned businesses. And February is the time to explore black businesses, culture, and art! You can become a significant supporter by researching black-owned items you usually buy from a broad selection of categories from fashion, beauty, decor, and so much more. Add meaningful items into your home, from your next cozy sweatshirt at Black America Clothing Co. to a custom art staple piece at Dunswood. It would help if you also considered black history books or framed quotes from your favorite black heroes.

Learning about Noteworthy Black figures

Black history month is very significant to the black community and the world. It brings forth a sense of acceptance and liberation to black brothers and sisters and everyone else. As the great Martin Luther King Junior stated: “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” This is why supporting black history should be everyone’s business. So, visit the McNay art museum just a stone’s throw from your City-Base Vista apartment or arrange a “history” date at City Base Entertainment to learn something new about Black community heroes such as Maya Angelou and Nelson Mandela.

Black History is American History

Why search far and wide when you can connect with the Black heritage from San Antonio? From the comfort of your City-Base Vista apartment to the community surrounding. Get involved by becoming more aware of the culture. Get inspired by simply reading a book from one of the best black authors, like Michelle Obama or James Baldwin. You can honor the heroes who remained headstrong in the fight for their people all month long.