There is nothing more exciting than creating an indoor kitchen. City-Base Vista has the perfect home setup for you to become a plant parent. This is because of the apartment’s open space, which gives you room for your plants.

Before You Start: Must-Have Items

Before you have indoor plants, it is a great idea to get some apartment must-haves. You can check online for some DIY hacks on how to proceed and make the journey easy.

The first thing you need to do is to find a place for your indoor herb garden. You can use a window sill, a kitchen counter, or even an old dresser.

You will also need some containers for your herbs. These can be anything from old jars and bottles to recycled plastic containers. You will also need potting soil and seeds or plants.

Lastly, you will need essential gardening tools like scissors, a trowel, and gloves.

Choosing the Perfect Spot: Tips from the Pros

Indoor herb gardens are a great way to grow your own herbs and spices. They can be used in cooking or as decoration.

  • Choose the location of your indoor herb garden. It should be in an area with plenty of sunlight and enough space for the plants to grow.
  • Pick out pots or containers that work well for your indoor herb garden. You can use old pots, new pots, or recycled containers like yogurt cups, egg cartons, or coffee cans.
  • Fill the pot with soil, and then plant your herbs and spices according to their needs (some need more water than others).
  • Water them regularly, so they don’t dry out too much.

Brighten Your Kitchen at Your City-Base Vista Home

Use all the tips above to ensure that your kitchen plants thrive you have to become the absolute plant parent and give your plants the best care. This will make apartment living that much better and it is also apartment therapy for your home. Indoor plants are a must-have!