City Base Vista Apartments in San Antonio, Texas, has open-concept one and two-bedroom apartments meaning you choose a floor plan that suits your lifestyle. In addition to amazing views, you also get state-of-the-art amenities like swimming pools and laundry facilities. You are also within walking distance from the famous River Walk. The interior of the apartments is well-designed, but you may decide you can do better. Creating the perfect interior design vision board will help you develop the perfect apartment therapy concept. However, there are apartment must-haves to get first. Consider the following apartment living tips for your place:

Before You Start: Must-Have Items

Consider the following apartment must-have item:


Shelves are a must-have apartment item. One of the easiest DIY hacks is to make your shelves. They will make your apartment look more organized; you can customize them to suit the interior decor.

Go to Ikea and utilize the Ikea hacks to put the shelves together. You can apply a coat of gold spray paint to add a touch of class. However, any color that suits your interior decor will do just fine.

Choosing the Perfect Interior Design

Choosing the perfect interior design is a daunting challenge. You must first discover your style, as it is the foundation of the entire interior decor. You may brighten your room or use the lighting to set a mood.

Ensure you look at as many portfolios from designers as possible to get the perfect idea of what you want. You should also set a budget to guide your spending, or it may cost you an arm and a leg.

Apartment Living Tips For The Perfect Interior Design

Shelves are an apartment must-have, especially for their organizational benefit. Use the above tips to choose the perfect interior design for your City Base Vista apartment.