Learning how to maximize space in your City-Base Vista apartment can raise your quality of life and upgrade the look and feel of apartment living. This article will allow you to understand how much space you have while simultaneously teaching you how to properly organize and design for a truly fantastic apartment. Continue reading to learn various tips and techniques on decluttering, reorganizing, color theory, storage, design.

Tips for Small Spaces

Tip 1: The 6-Month Goodbye: The 6-month goodbye is about decluttering and prioritizing what you need. If you haven’t used it in six months or more, chances are you can get rid of it.

Tip 2: Go Vertical: City-Base Vista apartments have wonderful tall walls ready to be looked at and used. Vertical storage is the best option when trying to maximize small spaces. Tall open wardrobes, bookcases, and lifting your bed for storage underneath are great ways to maximize space by going verticle.

Tip 3: Harness the Light: Adding mirrors around your apartment can create the illusion of bigger space while sticking to neutral colors for things like cushions and other decors can reflect light and make the place look more prominent.

Items to Add to A Small Nook

Get comfy by creating your perfect nook. By adding small throw pillows, a lightweight throw blanket, a warm light lamp, and a book holder pillow, you can make the ideal environment for snuggling up with a good book while watching the rain.

Make Apartment Living Big Again

With these new tips and tricks on maximizing space in your City-Base Vista apartment, practice what you’ve learned here. Declutter and organize, find storage that prioritizes verticle space, and stick to neutral tones in your home.