Fall is an excellent time of the year to host at least one festive holiday at your City-Base Vista apartment. Although, knowing how to set the scene is extremely important. To help get you started, we’ve put together a few good tips and tricks you can use this season.

Design Your Tablescape With a Fall Theme

Designing a tablescape is one of the best parts of prep work when entertaining friends and family. Many people opt for traditional pumpkin-style decorations. However, sometimes it’s just more fun to spice things up a little.

You can incorporate seasonal fruits like figs in your design to help create that fall feel, or try mixing things with how you set out your napkins. Instead of simply folding the napkins, let them hang off the edge of the table. Adding crockery and other elements with jewel tones also look breathtaking during the fall. A beautiful setup can look great anywhere, even if you’re hosting in the clubhouse or residential lounge.

Cleaning and Other Preparations

If you’re hosting for friends and family this year, it’s essential to keep your apartment clean so guests can be more comfortable during their stay. Do a thorough cleanout of your apartment to ensure no dust or dirt is soiling your area, as fall is a windy season.

Easy Finger Snack Recipes

Every event needs to have some finger foods to keep your guests happy and satisfied. Try out a few fall-themed finger food recipes like sausage and sage-stuffed acorn squashwarm pimiento cheese dip, and beet crostini, which all feature gorgeous fall-themed colors that look great on the table.

Activities for Game Night

Think of a few suitable activities that your guests can participate in on game night. Charades and other similar guessing games that involve teamwork are great options. Whatever you choose, you’re sure to have a fun-filled evening of entertainment with friends and family at your City-Base Vista apartment.