Apartment living with pets doesn’t have to be complicated. Your furry family member requires a few simple changes to your current lifestyle to ensure pet safety. However, prepping for pets isn’t difficult and doesn’t have to be expensive, as we’ll cover in this article. Be sure to check with your apartment community, City-Base Vista, so you have a complete understanding of the pet breed and size restrictions.

Apartment Living With Pets

When you’ve decided on a pet and ensured it’s within your community guidelines, you’ll want to have your pet basics ready for bringing your new pet home. Purchase supplies like food and water bowls, brushes, leashes, and collars before bringing your furry friend home. Don’t forget to schedule your pets’ initial vet visit, so they are compliant with the community standards for shots and pet registration.

Safety Tips to Prepare Your Home

Start by installing childproof locks on your cabinets. Proofing your home will ensure that pets aren’t getting into dangerous chemicals while you’re not at home. Don’t forget to put the lid down on the toilet. Many toilet cleaners and deodorizers are toxic to pets who like to drink the toilet water.

Consider crate training for puppies, as it gives them a place to feel secure and keeps them from getting into things that could hurt them. Also, be sure to secure electrical cords so that pets don’t have access to chew them. They can get seriously injured and remain in shock for a few moments.

Pet-Friendly Additions to Your Apartment

In San Antonio, Kriser’s Natural Pet has plenty of supplies guaranteed to help you raise a happy, healthy pet. Try adding a few low pile rugs to your apartment, so your new pet doesn’t slide around on the floors as much. Also, ensure that all houseplants in your apartment are pet friendly and non-toxic to your pets. If you have leather furniture or other easily damaged material, consider covering your furniture in plastic or old blankets to avoid damage from scratches and chewing.