Residents of San Antonio can still enjoy a fully functional home despite living within limited space. The key lies in utilizing every inch and sq foot efficiently. Creativity is inevitable in making the space work. Below are ways to use your tight space effectively to meet your family’s needs.

Creating a Relaxing Nook in a Small Space

Painting walls and the ceiling in one color gives a room an illusion of additional height. Adopt neutral colors for the furniture in the home. Balance the layout so the rooms appear organized. Include plants and greenery for the outdoor relaxing feel in your small space.

Tiny Home Organizing Hacks

Multipurpose furniture that doubles up as storage is excellent for small homes. Reduce clutter from the floor and surfaces by organizing everything in its rightful place. Invest in foldable furniture and keep it away when not in use. Utilize walls as vertical storage solutions for extra mats, blankets, and towels.

Take Advantage of Natural Lighting

Increase light and fresh air by leaving your windows free or cover with light blinds. That way, you can catch a glimpse of the San Antonio Zoo & Aquarium from the comfort of your house. Hung window sheers high up the wall, so the windows feel taller.

Decorate Like a Pro

Mirrors make a space appear larger. Place them in strategic places that reflect the room deco. Consider decorating with glass items, bright flowers, throw pillows, and more prominent wall arts instead of many tiny pieces. The space will look classy and enormous.

Creative Small Space Hacks

Apartment living doesn’t have to cost a fortune. You could get a small-scale area within your budget and turn it into a gorgeous dream house. Use bright colors, scalable furniture, and classy décor for a designer look in your tiny space. For more information about living spaces around San Antonio, contact City-Base Vista.