People love a good day in the sun, but our four-legged pals don’t always agree. If hot weather is predicted, or you’re planning a vacation for your dog in a warm location, you’ll want to take additional care to keep them cool. Here are some tips for keeping your dog cool in the heat this summer:

Don’t leave them alone in a hot vehicle

If you can avoid it, never do this in the summer when direct sunlight from the sun’s rays might be more intense than when it is shining through your car’s windows. It just takes an hour for a car’s interior to reach 47 degrees Celsius on a day with an outside temperature of 22 degrees. Dogs may easily get overheated if confined in such a hot environment for an extended period.

Give them lots of water

When it’s hot outside, dogs tend to drink more to stay cool, much like us humans. As a result, you should ensure your dog has access to clean drinking water when they are in the house.

When it’s chilly, walk them

Your dog still needs exercise when it’s warm. But to avoid warming your dog, stroll in the mornings or evenings. If this isn’t possible, minimize their walks and limit their outside time.

When walking them, carry water

Keep a supply of fresh drinking water on hand while walking with your dog so that they stay well hydrated. Alternatively, you might bring a travel bottle and leave it in your car for them to drink before you go.

Make them refreshing snacks

Ice cubes are an excellent way to keep your dog cool and hydrated during hot weather. Try freezing chicken or beef stock for a more flavorful treat on a tray in your freezer.

Set up a cooling mat

The warmer summer evenings may make it more difficult for your dog to go asleep. The ideal option is to invest in a cooling mat to maintain their bed at a pleasant temperature while they attempt to sleep.

Outside, provide shade

Even if it’s only to relieve themselves, your dog must go outdoors at some time throughout the day. Even if it’s sweltering outdoors, five to ten-minute outings should be OK. You may go one step further and give your dog a shady spot to rest and cool down from the sun to receive some more fresh air.