City-Base Vista residents in San Antonio, TX, are excited to celebrate the warmer spring temperatures. Have furry companions at City-Base and looking for easy options for making pet toys and treats? Here are a few ideas and recipes for entertaining your furry friends at your apartment this spring!

Long-Lasting Pet Toys

Are you having trouble finding sturdy, durable, or affordable toys for your pet? Finding pet-friendly toys and treats doesn’t have to be stressful if you keep pet safety in mind. Be sure to remove any loose parts or inedible items pets can swallow or choke on when you’re making pet toys. Find ideas for making safe and long-lasting pet toys online at sites like

Baking Pet-Safe Treats

Looking for fun pet toys and treats you can make at home for your furry family member? Did you know that it’s easy to make homemade peanut butter or pumpkin dog treats right in your kitchen? Baking pet-safe treats is as easy as finding a suitable recipe online and following the instructions to create your treats! Besides offering mouthwatering recipes, you can make in your apartment kitchen, popular sites like also provides recipes for your furry friends!

Apartment Living with Pets

New to apartment living with pets and need help prepping for pets? Living in an apartment with your pets doesn’t have to be stressful! has seven tips to make a living in an apartment with your furry friends less stressful! When you’re ready to take your pets out on the town, you’ll be happy to know that nearby Pickwell Park is just around the corner. If you’re hungry and looking to try some new cuisine, you’re also close to popular restaurants like Shangrila that offer online ordering options.