Thanksgiving meal plans are often the same across the board. Usually featuring turkey, mashed potatoes, squash, stuffing, cranberry sauce, and pumpkin pie. However savory these Thanksgiving dishes may be, you can easily create a more cozy atmosphere! Start by mixing or switching up your dishes with refreshing new recipes.

Are you planning a big Turkey day feast in your City-Base Vista apartment? This year, some tasty and complimentary Thanksgiving sides, appetizers, and desserts are worth trying.

Thanksgiving Appetizer Ideas

Pumpkin-pie-shaped Cheese and Crackers
Although they may resemble mini-pumpkin pie slices, these appetizers are, in reality, wedges of cheddar cheese placed on triangular crackers topped with cream cheese.

What may look like a golden-brown crust is a wavy stick cracker. Plenty of resources are available online if you need some guidance on preparing these tasty treats.

Pumpkin Patch Appetizers
These pumpkin-shaped bites made from herbal pesto spread and roasted butternut squash and served on thin slices of German-style rye bread are easy-to-make Thanksgiving appetizers.

Elegant in presentation, these treats can help keep your friends and family entertained while the main Thanksgiving dinner is being prepared.

Cheese Mini Pumpkins
Cheese balls are an ideal snack for any fall gathering, and they’re relatively easy to prepare, depending on your culinary skills.

While they’re not made from pumpkin, these pumpkin-shaped bites can be a great addition to your Thanksgiving spread this year. For added aesthetic appeal, you can serve them over crackers.

Pastry-wrapped Cranberry Pie
It’s hard not to enjoy soft brie cheese topped with dried cranberries, jam, and toasted almonds, all enclosed in a buttery, tasty pastry.

You’ll be sure to impress the guests at your Thanksgiving dinner, and the best part is that you can prepare it the day before and keep it unbaked in your refrigerator until your visitors arrive.

Try out These Apartment Fall Trends This Year

Our homes offer a unique community with open-concept kitchens to make preparing your Thanksgiving dishes a breeze. We’re also near South Side Lions Park; providing you and your loved ones an opportunity to enjoy your Thanksgiving meal outdoors.