Summer is the best season of all, except for the occasional heat waves. When living at City-Base Vista that is nothing to worry about. Read on below to find out what rental-friendly hacks you can try to keep cool this summer.

Cool Hacks for the Summer

Re-arrange your furniture and put it on the cooler side of the home or directly in front of a window so that on a hot day, you can simply open the window and enjoy the cool breeze coming through. This may be impractical during a heat wave, so you can try purchasing a portable air conditioner. The best part about this is that you can move it to any room, so you can be cool in any room you want to occupy. Another Option to consider is a fan. This is a timeless classic that comes with a new twist. You can set the temperature on the fan and choose the amount of coolness you desire.

Tips, Tricks, & More

Other tips and tricks you can implore this summer include taking cold showers. These will for sure wake you up and regenerate your skin. So that’s like killing two birds with one stone. Wear clothes made of cotton and other absorbent materials so that when you sweat, it does not cling to your skin and makes you more uncomfortable. Another option that is often overlooked is staying hydrated. This improves your blood circulation and helps you keep cool. If plain water is off-putting, feel free to make lemonade or some sangrias.


The above-mentioned summer apartment hacks are very apartment-friendly for apartment living. Be sure to stay cool, wear sunscreen during the day and stay hydrated. Going outdoors during the day is also a good idea as sometimes the outdoors tends to be cooler than indoors! The City-Base Vista residents know how to have a good summer.