If you want to spruce up and invigorate your home, indoor plants may be an excellent place to start. These plants are good for interior decor and can be relied on to improve the indoor air quality of your apartment. Choosing an indoor plant goes beyond the beauty; you need to consider the maintenance and toxicity levels of the plant. Below are some of the best self-watering, low-maintenance plants to help you keep up with the latest apartment trends.

Picking the Best Plants for Your Home

String of Hearts

The String of Hearts is a top low-maintenance indoor plant that adds beauty to your living spaces. Its characterized by tiny heart-shaped silver-grey leaves with a rose-pink underside. The String of Hearts stores water in its long stems, keeping it watered for days before watering.

Where to place– the string of hearts fits perfectly on shelves or windows to create a calming mood.

Ric-Rac Plant

Having a versatile plant that can complement your decor and fit in your home garden is a plus for most people. The Ric-Rac plant plays this role perfectly as a centerpiece on your coffee table and complements flowers in your garden.

Where to place– Depending on your preference, the drought-resistant and self-watering plant can be placed on the coffee table or a lampshade. However, it’s best to keep them away from direct sunlight.

Kentia Palm

Recognized for its elegance characterized by arching fronds, the Kentia Palm is a good addition to your floor space. As a plant parent, you can harvest stems to replant when mature. The plant thrives in multiple climates and can withstand different light conditions to cast beautiful shadows.

Where to place– Kentia Palm grows and perfectly blossoms in entrances and corners away from direct sunlight.


Light up the Mood in Your Apartment With Self-Watering Plants

The Texan climate offers suitable conditions for summer and spring plants all year round. However, most indoor plants can survive throughout the year with careful tending. Bring a little outdoors to your City Base Vista apartment to remind you of the nearby River Walk.