A good night’s rest might remain an elusive achievement if you toss and roll in bed or wake up at night from excessive sweating. Below is a guide to a good night’s rest at City-Base-Vista with tips on how to make it a lifestyle. The two essential tips for a good night’s sleep are picking the perfect mattress, positioning, and having clean bedsheets.

Picking the Perfect Mattress & Position

Besides having a sleeping routine, picking the perfect mattress and the right sleeping position can be a game changer. Factors to consider when choosing the right mattress include sleeping position, size and quality of the mattress, and your weight. Besides having a quality mattress, your bed position is also a factor. Apartment trends such as positioning your bed away from windows and doors can help you achieve a good night’s sleep.

Your preferred sleeping position can significantly influence the type of mattress you choose. You could be a back sleeper, side sleeper, stomach sleeper, or a combination of the three. If you want to buy a new mattress, Big Lots, which is less than a mile away, offers you various options.

Clean Sheets For A Good Night’s Rest

Choosing the right bedding can help you sleep better. Sweating at night can cause you to wake up, disrupting your sleep. So, when choosing bedsheets, opt for sheets that do not trap heat. Target Stores, a stone’s throw away, offers various bedsheets such as satin and percale sheets. The store also offers other bedding items like silk pillowcases, crucial for a good night’s rest.

Apartment Trends to Try this Season

The quality of your sleep at City-Base-Vista is in your hands. Activate that melatonin hormone to get a good night’s sleep by picking the perfect mattress and adapting a proper sleeping position. Also, make it a lifestyle to use clean sheets for a good night’s sleep, as they will save you the trouble of waking up sneezing because of dust or sweat.