With winter lurking right around the corner, many people lose motivation to seek a new apartment and instead wait for warmer seasons to begin their search. But what if winter is the perfect time to find a new apartment at City-Base Visa? With less competition and lower rates offered in the so-called “off-season,” these cold months are the perfect time to find a new dream pad!

Don’t Let The Cold Weather Stop You From Finding Your New Apartment

When the cold months hit, it’s tempting to snuggle up on the couch with a big blanket and a warm beverage; life tasks can wait until Spring! This is what most of the population is thinking, making competition scarce for dream rentals.

Think about spending the rest of the cold months with stylish plank flooring, beautiful counters, and new appliances. Beating out the competition is critical when securing a dream apartment, making winter one of the best times to move into a new place and secure a reasonable rate.

How To Benefit From the Cold

The busiest time for securing a new apartment for most people is from May – September. This is hardly surprising, given that this is the warmest time of the year! Unfortunately, the summer months are the worst time to get a good deal for bargain hunting.

Why not benefit from the cold instead? It is much easier to negotiate a lower rent price during the “off-season” instead of summer. City-Base Vista is a great place to prepare for cold weather this holiday season, keeping the festivities alive while searching for your dream home.

Focusing on Location

Make this winter a season to remember by moving into a stunning apartment at City-Base Vista. Being minutes away from the San Antonio River Walk with its fun shops and restaurants has an impressive array of lights for the holiday season, making it a perfect time to move in!