It is an exciting time when you move into a new apartment at the City-Base Vista Apartments in San Antonio, TX, which is within walking distance of the latest extension of the San Antonio River Walk. If you’re having issues keeping your home quiet, we have some great soundproofing hacks. Read on for some renter-friendly tips.

Why You Should Soundproof Your Home

Soundproofing your home is a good idea because it gives you the option to drown out any unwanted sound whenever you want. It’s not just about when you want to sleep; you might like peace and quiet throughout the day. With soundproofing, you can control the noise levels in your home.

Must-Have Items You Need to Try

Soundproof curtains can help block the sound from your windows, and they come in fun and exciting patterns. It doesn’t require much work to install them on your windows, just like ordinary curtains. They’ll help block out any annoying sounds that are giving you anxiety.

Try an acoustic seal kit to keep sound from leaking through the gaps in your doors and windows. Door pads and door sweeps can also help reduce cracks and keep the sound out, and they may help reduce your energy bills at the same time.

How about some soundproofing blankets? People in recording studios use them for soundproofing. The noise-reducing material will cut noise, and by pairing it with another method, you will have a winning combination.

Add bookshelves around the walls in your home that are next to where the noise comes from. Then, fill them with your favorite books, ornaments, storage baskets, and potted plants.

Apartment Living Made Peacefully

These solutions are perfect for your apartment living as they won’t affect the structure or finishes in your apartment. They are also easily removed and taken down when your lease is up. So before you despair over too much noise, take refuge in some handy hacks that will make a big difference.