Having friends over is always a wonderful experience. Are you having a few over at your City-Base Vista apartment and have no idea of how to keep them cool and entertained? Get indoor entertainment for your friends while having a unique apartment living experience. Here are a few apartment friendly-tips to kick start your summer fun.

Staying In the Refreshing AC

In the safety of your apartment, you can have a lot of fun and stay cool even with the summer heat wave. Here are some fun tips on how to capitalize on your time.

  • Summer workout

As you enjoy your summer, don’t allow your body to get out of shape just because summer is a time to relax. Push-ups would make a good workout routine for you.

  • Beautify your City-Base Vista Apartment

You can develop a few renter-friendly hacks to spice up the beauty of your City-Base Vista apartment. Lighten the color of your apartment to suit the summer bright summer look.

Enjoying the Summer to the Fullest

As you and your family spend time together, here are a few tips to make City-Base Vista apartment living experience fun for the family.

  • Spice up the summer with New Summer Recipes

Get your cooking skills on point with new summer recipes you can come up with in the open concept kitchen. These large rooms offer entertainment spaces where kids can play.

  • Indoor Entertainment

With entertaining games such as cards, monopoly, snakes and ladders, you and your friends can enjoy these indoor games this summer in an air-conditioned environment.

City-Base Vista apartments also come cable ready, so you and your family can enjoy entertainment from YouTube, Hulu, Netflix, and many more Internet sites.

  • Pets are allowed

As you enjoy time with family, your pets can also run around in our pet-friendly community!