City-Base Vista is a gated community of apartments in San Antonio, Texas. They have one and two-bedroom apartments with open concepts. The features in the home are spectacular and include color accent walls and wood plank flooring. You will especially enjoy the view of the stunning landscape from your large balcony. The community is pet friendly, and there are several pet parks. There is also a swimming pool and playground for kids. You will be close to the famed San Antonio Riverwalk when living at City-Base Vista. Life will be even better if you have a clean and tidy apartment. Experiment with these mod apartment trends for budget-friendly decor:

What Aesthetic Brings Out Your Personality

Consider the following apartment trends:


A vintage aesthetic in your apartment will be a vivid statement about your personality. A person with a vintage decor style has a complex personality.

They value elegance and sophistication, which will be apparent. The vintage decor also says that you like character in your surroundings almost as much as in yourself.

With vintage decor, you can experiment with many eclectic designs. However, vintage décor should be timeless so choose items you know you will like for a long time.

Minimalism & Decluttering

Experiment with the following decluttering tips:

Start Different piles

To effectively declutter your home, you should organize your items into different piles. These piles will help the decluttering and make it go much faster.

Make three piles labeled, Ýes’ ‘Maybe’ and ‘No’ and start putting items in each pile. Two will be easy to handle as you keep the first pile and discard the third pile. The maybe pile will be the difficult one, so consider getting some help.

Budget-Friendly Decor And Decluttering Advice

A vintage aesthetic says that you are elegant and sophisticated. Arranging your possessions into piles will help with decluttering. Both tips will have your apartment looking wonderfully pristine.