City-Base Vista is a beautiful apartment complex in San Antonio, Texas. It is a gated community with open-concept one and two-bedroom apartment homes. The houses have wonderful features such as wooden floors, well-equipped kitchens, and beautiful wooden cabinets. There are playgrounds, pet parks, and swimming pools among other amenities. The apartments are minutes away from the beautiful San Antonio RiverWalk. You will have a balcony where you can enjoy the stunning, sweeping landscapes as you enjoy mocktails. Use the following apartment living tips to grow your own strawberries, mint, and basil:

Picking the Perfect Spot In Your Home

There are many factors to consider when picking a spot to grow indoor plants. One of the most crucial factors is drainage.

You must ensure the plants get enough water to grow, so you should place them in an area where you can water them abundantly. If the balcony has a drain, it would be an excellent location.

Choose a location that you do not mind getting wet and dirty but can easily clean. Otherwise, the plants will be a massive burden.

Indoor Plant Care

When growing plants, you must consider pest control. Strawberries, basil, and mint will attract pests of various kinds. The last thing you want is pests roaming all over your home.

Therefore, to properly care for the plants, develop a pest control system that suits your home. Regularly check the plants for pest infestation. Also, use organic pesticides at least once a month to ensure optimal growth and health of the plants.

If you find a plant with pests, isolate it immediately. Consider pre-harvest pesticides and avoid using sprays indoors or in confined spaces.

Indoor Plants For Mocktails

Consider drainage when choosing a space to grow indoor plants. Pest control is also a crucial factor for optimal plant care. Proper drainage and pest control will ensure your plants thrive.