The area of San Antonio offers plenty of outdoor leisure activities during summer. Still, it feels good to get out of the hot sun and enjoy good company in an air-conditioned atmosphere. While most people have backyard cookouts and park picnics, you can opt to stay cool and comfortable while you catch up with friends and family in your City-Base Vista Apartment. Apartment living makes hosting a dinner party or summer game night easy and convenient, as outside landscaping and yard work are always pristine.

How to Make the Most of Indoors this Summer

When planning your indoor gathering, you may be drawn to a summer-related theme, like a fiesta night with a margarita and nacho bar, a Sunday brunch with chicken and waffles and mimosas, or a beach theme evening including tropical fruit drinks. Themes are fun, but try to keep the mood casual instead of perfect so you and your guests can feel comfortable and carefree. Plan the mood you want to create, and go from there. To help set the mood, customize a playlist, especially for your special evening.

Hosting Family and Friends During the Heatwave

While sometimes a conversation is enough, there may be a couple of your friends who are not acquainted. You can ease the atmosphere by assigning teams to play indoor games like Jenga, charades, and Pictionary. A cooking contest is always a hit, too. Choose a portion of food or specialty (salsa is a good one!) and have each guest or couple bring their homemade version. Assign judges (perhaps impartial neighbors?), or have the other guests choose the best-tasting dish. These fun contests can also involve mixed drinks. The best thing is that the host gets to keep the leftovers.