As you prepare for the upcoming spring and summer seasons, it’s time to consider refreshing your apartment’s decor. You can incorporate some cool spring trends into your City-Base Vista apartment that would give it that warm summery vibe as the warm season kicks in. With the apartment trends and organizing hacks below, you can get ready for summer and give your space a vibrant look that comes with summer.

Storing Winter Items

It’s time to store away those bulky winter items. But don’t worry. There are plenty of ways to do so without damaging your apartment. Consider investing in under-bed storage containers or hanging organizers to keep your winter clothes out of sight and out of mind until next season. Alternatively, you can get laundry baskets from nearby stores to allow yourself more options when organizing.

Decoration for a Smooth transition

With summer approaching, it’s time to start thinking about ways to beat the heat. You can start by investing in a fan or an air conditioning unit to keep your apartment cool and comfortable. There are plenty of ways to add some summer vibes to your apartment, such as adding some fresh flowers and lightweight fabrics in muted colors to your apartment to improve the aesthetic of your space. Incorporate pops of color with throw pillows and wall art, or bring some plants to add life to your room.

Add some outdoor lighting or a cozy outdoor seating area for warm summer nights. You can drag out some of your furniture for this purpose and to create more space indoors. Set an outdoor movie theater or even a simple resting area with colorful mats where you can have picnics and relax in the sun.

Get Ready for the Summer

Refreshing your apartment’s decor for spring and summer is easy with these apartment trends and organizing hacks. Prepare for the season change with summer essentials like art, floral tapestries and bright sunny decorations for your apartment.